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Hello my name is Bill "starholdem" Rackson. I have created this website as my main hobby is online poker, so this is what I spend most of my time thinking about and doing. So I wanted to gather some thoughts about the game, and I have created for that intent. But I am just a fan of poker and in particular, but not a poker pro and I will probably never be.

Not that I do not have the poker skills to make it to the next level, I am quite good at it. But I have a family to feed and I need a regular income to support them. Online poker is just a hobby, but what a hobby, as it takes all my free time. So why pokerstars? Frankly I only play there and I have tried many online poker rooms. But pokerstars is one notch higher than the rest and I really enjoy the online poker playing experience there.

This website is a token of appreciation to Pokerstars, the leading online poker room. Leader by a large margin as they have dealt billions of poker hands.

Online gambling has taken the Internet by storm in the past ten years and Pokerstars is the Mecca of online poker. With nearly a quarter million players connected at peak times, it enables every type of poker variation and format to be available to poker fans all over the World. As it is allowed to register at pokerstars wherever you are located (except the USA) if you are at least 18 years of age, the crowd of players is a mix of people from Europe, Asia and America. And the games are active 24/7. It does not matter if it is the middle of the night, as you will find adversaries from the other side of the hemisphere who are looking to use their bankroll and to get their table filled up.

Also given that this is the most active online poker room in the world by far, they have action in poker variations that are seldom played, and almost no other room provides that: no just Omaha High and omaha Hi/Lo, but also good action in Stud, Razz, draw poker, HORSE and other mixed games,...

Let us see how you can find a great pokerstars marketing code and use that to get a special bonus when you sign up a new account at pokerstars.

Pokerstars marketing Code

As a gesture of gratitude to you the new pokerstars player, pokerstars offers an unbeatable poker bonus opportunity. Sign up at pokerstars, make your first deposit, and you will receive a 100% bonus up to a maximum of $600. This is like free cash, and the only thing you have to do to grind this cash is to play at their real money tables.

What is unique about their bonus is that it is applicable to your first three deposits and pokerstars is the only online poker room offering this feature. The benefit is that you can begin by making a small deposit to test the room at low risk and low cost. If it turns out that you love pokerstars, then you can make up to two more deposits to fully benefit from the $600 that are handed to you. Remember these are first depositors' bonuses, which will not be available once you have become a regular player.

Note that pokerstars does not offer rakeback. If you want to reduce your rake, use poker rakeback at a smaller room instead. At PokerStars they have a VIP program which is somehow similar to rakeback as you get such cash bonuses that can reach astronomical levels for the most active players.

This is almost as if the poker rooms were handing you free cash to play with their software. The reason it is a win-win situation goes as follows. On one hand poker rooms effectively lure new players by offering such attractive sign up bonuses. Over the long-term they make their money back and more from casual players. And they must offer such incentives anyway as every room does.

On the other hand skilled players such as yourself can benefit tremendously from these offers. If you are serious about poker, can will benefit from it, no question about it.

There are hundreds of poker variations, but the most popular form of poker on the Internet is Texas Holdem Poker.

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