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Here is a nice hand

Here is an example of a poker hand that took place at a live tournament.

Nelson pushed under the gun with his K♠Q♠. Suited or not, they were dominated by David's Q♣Q♥. No Kings to be found on the board and the 27-year-old communications and wireless business owner was out in 5th place for $90,000 - his personal high mark since he started playing 4 years ago. He summarized in his bust-out interview, "My chip stack was so low I had to push. I thought I played pretty well but I had to play the cards I had."

On Hand #68 with the blinds 50K/100K + 10K, the entire complexion of the game changed. David makes a standard preflop raise of 300K with his 9♥9♣. Perhaps in an attempt to steal, Greg comes over the top with his entire stack of over 2 and a quarter million with his A⋄10⋄. In what would instantly become a pot worth over 4.5 million, David calls for his tournament life. With a board full of options, J♣K♣7♣J♠Q♣, the river Queen makes Greg's straight but the club gives David the flush and Greg has crippled himself.

For the next few minutes while they counted the stacks, it was difficult to wipe the grin from David's face. Greg is eliminated on the next hand in 4th. In his bust-out interview, he was called on his play and he admitted, "I was getting tired and a little bored. $115,000 is a pretty good payday. Eventually luck runs out."

With the play 3-handed, there were no walks in the blinds with a raise coming from the puck as much as the small blind or big blind options. David maximized his chip advantage, which meant Atsushi started to get steamrolled as the least aggressive player of the three, but to his credit didn't pick up great starting hands either. You have to wonder if the money was starting to be a factor; moving up the next rung in the ladder meant a difference of $135,000. With David's stack it seemed more a race for second place though.

Derrick had the advantage of picking up some hands, but seemed to get thwarted each time by David who had a bigger hand and position on him. In Hand #81 Derrick limped with his small blind to see a flop with Q♣8♣. Once again it seemed David one-upped him with K♣J♣ and raised from the big blind 300K. Derrick calls and the flop is 6♠8♥5♣. Derrick makes a 400K bet with top pair and David goes all-in.

Derrick goes in the tank over the $145,000 decision. Ironically that seemed to be Atsushi's strategy all day, as he let the other players mix it up and steadily move up the pay scale. With his tournament life on deck, Derrick calls. Q♥ on the turn and Q♠ on the river provide some overkill and the $3,250,000 pot is pushed Derrick's way, which would serve to even out their stacks.

The most popular form of poker on the Internet is Texas Holdem Poker, so if you have not learned that game, it is not too late.

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